Are you looking for a pension-backed loan in South Africa? If you’ve been paying into a pension fund and you need cash now, get a loan against your pension fund to settle debt. You can apply for a pension loan online and get a fast pension loan advance.

You could receive your pension payout within a few days!

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Provident Fund Loan

Have you recently resigned, retired, divorced, been dismissed, been retrenched or deceased estate?

Get your Provident Advance, NOW…QUICK AND EASY, best rates, Countrywide.

No More Waiting!

  • Borrow against your fund
  • Bridge the waiting period
  • Get lumpsum payout
  • Death cash and money
  • All Provident, Pension Funds, RA’s
  • Blacklisted clients considered
  • National Credit Act regulated loans
  • Trusted unsecured provident loans lender
  • Provident withdrawals quick
  • Also Pension Bridging and Retirement Annuity Bridging

Pension Bridging

Are you waiting for your Pension to payout ?

  • Access your Pension Payout NOW, Countrywide – all pension funds,  QUICK AND EASY!
  • Blacklisted clients considered
  • National Credit Act regulated, trusted unsecured bridging loans
  • Also Provident Fund backed loans and Retirement Annuity Bridging
  • Use the money as you want to
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Divorce Pension Claim

Are you currently going through a divorce? Access your spouses pension or provident fund, if you have been awarded this by the courts in your settlement.

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Death Claim

Beneficiaries of a deceased person can access the pension or provident funds of the said person in advance.

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Annuity Bridging

If your retirement annuity is paying out within 6 months it can be accessed now.

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Endowment Bridging

If your endowments maturing within 4 months you can get access to funds now.

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Savings Policies

Which are maturing within 4 months can be accessed now.

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Personal Loan

Personal Loans for loans up R 150 000 for self employed persons with clear credit records.

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Times are tough and we are here to help you weather the storm with early access to pension funds when you need them most. No matter what stage of life you’re at or your circumstances, you can use a pension fund for a loan to get cash in hand within a matter of days. 

Provident Fund Loans | Pension Bridging

Competitive Rates & Caring Service

 Frequently Asked Questions

  • In order to secure Provident fund loans or a Provident funds loan, you need to have resigned from your fund.
  • Loans on provident fund can only be applied for by you, and not another person.
  • A Divorce pension loan can be applied for by a spouse with the consent of the other spouse or if a court has ruled in your favour

Find out more about qualifying for a pension bridging loan here.

What is a Provident Fund Loan

A Loan on provident fund is a quick way to access a money for your day to day expenses from your provident fund savings.

What is a Provident loan
  • It is a loan against your provident fund savings. Loans against provident fund savings are personal loans normally granted by a private company and are safe.

What is a Pension Loan
  • A Pension loan is a personal loan. All loans on pensions are repayable within 4 to 6 months from the funds you receive from the pension payout.

Is the loan against a pension secured or unsecured

Your Loan pension is an unsecured loan. You are essentially taking money from pension to fund day to day expenses or settle debt.

Can I take a loan against my provident fund

Loans against provident fund savings are permitted if you have given the fund termination notice.

Who offers Pension Bridging and Provident Fund Loan Advances

Pension loan companies work quick to provide both Provident fund bridging finance and pension bridging finance.

Pension and loans notice to fund

Pension loans are a quick way to get money out of your pension savings fund. You must however give your pension fund notice that you intend terminating the pension contract.

Are Pension Fund Loans and Provident Fund loans safe

Yes, a pension fund loan is safe and secure as long as you pay the loan back. If you do not pay it back then the loan company will issue summons, blacklist you and charge interest on the loan.

Borrowing against Pension and Provident Funds

You cannot borrow against a pension fund if you have not resigned from the fund. You need to give your provident fund notice that you intend to stop the fund.

Cost of Loan from provident fund

A loan from a provident fund has interest charges and these are governed by the National Credit Act. It is safe to take Loans on provident funds from accredited lenders we refer you to.

Pension loans and provident loans are secure and are affordable. The lender will quote you the rate before you sign the loan agreement.

Pension bridge and bridge pension definition

It is a Loan against pension fund and also includes provident fund loans finance. You are essentially taking funds out of your savings earlier than the maturity date.

Cash pension

Is essentially pension lending. It is a way to convert your pension or provident fund into cashif you intend or have given notice to cancel the savings.

Provident fund finance South Africa

Provident fund loans are provided to individuals by private companies in South Africa

Which funds will give me a pension advance

You can get a pension fund loan on almost all South African pension insurance companies.

Apply now for a quick answer. Safe and secure.

Can I borrow against GEPF

Yes, if you have given the GEPF notice that you wish to cancel your pension savings fund
These are loans on pension funds or loans against pension savings.

Is it possible to get a Provident Fund Loan

Yes, as long as you intend resigning from the fund.

Can I get some of my divorce spouses pension

Yes, if the courts have ruled in your favour or you have a settlement agreement from your spouse

Pension Divorce or Divorce Pension

Occurs when a person gets divorced from their spouse and claims a portion of the spouse pension. Your spouse needs to agree or a court needs to have ruled in your favour.

Loan Against Provident Fund and Loan Against Pension Fund

You are essentially borrowing against pension savings or borrowing against provident fund savings. These are your life savings and so borrow the least amount possible.

How much can I borrow against my pension

You can only borrow 10 % of the savings, to a maximum of R 32 000

Who gives loans against pension funds

We arrange for a private pension bridging company to contact you to advise on pension loans and provident fund loans

What divorce and pension rights do I have
  • Spouses are permitted in some cases to take a pension loan or provident loan from their spouses savings funds if the court has ruled in their favour or settlement has been reached.
  • Your rights to a pension loan in a divorce are governed by the type of marriage contract you have and the agreement you have with your spouse

Why bridging pension makes sense

IF you have immediate debt to settle, use pension bridging loans to settle debt to ensure you are not listed at the credit bureaus. Once listed then you will have great difficulty making loans anywhere.

Retirement pension loans possibility

These are possible if you intend or already have resigned from the pension savings fund.

It is a loan against pension funds and can be arranged very quickly if you have all the supporting documents from the fund. You cannot borrow against your pension or provident fund while it is still active. You need to have advised your funder that you wish to resign.

Cash Advance Conditions and Costs
Minimum  Term                                 70 days
Maximum Term                                 90 days
APR ( Annual Percentage Rate )   35.4 %  (NCR rate : Repo Rate x 2.2 + 20 %)

Representative Example ( dependent on term and service required )

Advance                                              R 10 000
Interest – 35.4 % pa                        R   3 540
Interest on 90 days term               R      885
Admin Fee 1                                       R     150
Admin Fee 2                                       R     900
Capital                                                  R 10 000
Total Indebtedness                         R 11 935