Are you retired? Divorced? Retrenched? If your pension fund payout is due to you in the next 6 months you are eligible for an early pension payout! Find out how below.


No fuss. Quick responses. Get your pension fund loan in as little as 3 days.

Provident Fund Loans | Pension Bridging

Competitive Rates & Caring Service

Times are tough and we are here to help you weather the storm with early access to pension funds when you need them most. No matter what stage of life you’re at or your circumstances, you can use a pension fund for a loan to get cash in hand within a matter of days.

Provident Fund Loan

Have you recently resigned, retired, divorced, been dismissed, been retrenched or deceased estate?

Get your Provident Advance, NOW…QUICK AND EASY, best rates, Countrywide.

No More Waiting!

  • Borrow against your fund
  • Bridge the waiting period
  • Get lumpsum payout
  • Death cash and money
  • All Provident, Pension Funds, RA’s
  • Blacklisted clients considered
  • National Credit Act regulated loans
  • Trusted unsecured provident loans lender
  • Provident withdrawals quick
  • Also Pension Bridging and Retirement Annuity Bridging

Loan Cost and Conditions :

Minimum Loan                                  R 3000

Maximum Loan                                 R 100 000

Minimum Term                                3 months

Maximum Term                                6 months

Minimum APR                                   24.5 %

Maximum APR                                  28 %



Loan                                                      R 10 000

Term                                                     3 months

APR                                                        24.5 %

Initiation Fee                                     R 165 on first R 1000 plus 10 % of total capital

Service Fee                                         R 69 pm

30 day interest                                  R 204

Total Repayment at 30 days         R 11 984

Note : Please check final costs on your loan agreement before signing. Example above is for illustration purposes only.

Fees charged at interest and fees as set by National Credit Regulator

Terms and Conditions Apply

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pension bridging

Pension Bridging

Are you waiting for your Pension to payout ?

  • Access your Pension Payout NOW, Countrywide – all pension funds,  QUICK AND EASY!
  • Blacklisted clients considered
  • National Credit Act regulated, trusted unsecured bridging loans
  • Also Provident Fund backed loans and Retirement Annuity Bridging
  • Use the money as you want to
pension bridging

Divorce Pension Claim

Get out what you’re owed

Are you currently going through a divorce? Access your spouses pension or provident fund, if you have been awarded this by the courts in your settlement.

pension bridging

Death Pension Claim

Waiting for death benefit pension payout?

Beneficiaries of a deceased person can access the pension or provident funds of the said person in advance.

pension bridging

Annuity Bridging

Early access to retirement annuity.

If your retirement annuity is paying out within 6 months it can be accessed now.

pension bridging

Endowment Bridging / Savings Policies

Access Savings Early.

If your endowment/savings policy is maturing within 4 months, you can get access to funds now.


personal loan self employed

Personal Loan

Self-employed and need a loan?

Personal Loans for cash loans up to R 150 000 for self-employed persons with clear credit records.